Mumbai, India – My next summer tourist destination

Introduction about Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra which is considered the most populous city in India having the maximum population of 21 million. This place is situated on the west coast and is famous in the world of commercial along with entertainment sector where  people will enjoy many great things which they never cross before in their life. This place is having the best atmosphere as it remains pleasant throughout the year. This place is best to be visited during winters from December to February as visitors will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Mumbai City Skyline Panoramic View
Mumbai City Skyline Panoramic View

Apart from Mumbai sightseeing places, travelers will also come across with many kinds of hotels which are specially designed by looking the need and preference of the people as it will suit them according to their budget. This place is also considered the best place which can be visited by the women alone and they in turn will get more respect in this state and can travel alone.

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Enjoy the best places of Mumbai

Mumbai sightseeing will include such great places which need to be visited by the travelers during vacations with their family. There are many places to visit in Mumbai, but visitors will visit only such places which are famous in all over Mumbai and will be regarded as the best place to spend out the vacations. Some of the best places which is visited by the visitors during summer along with winter include

Jijamata Udyan Zoo –  Also called Ranichi Baug. Centrally located in the city of Mumbai. Mumbai Zoo you can see deer, elephants, hippo, blue bull, and many more. You will also get to see crocodiles in a pond, as well as a python.

Gateway of India– It is regarded as one of the best architecture about the ancient period which shows the symbol of the British raj. From this place visitors will be getting the chance to explore Mumbai. This place is an opposite Taj hotel and tower which are also the famous tourist attractions in Mumbai.

Gateway of India
Gateway of India

Heritage building– This building will display the architectures of the ancient period, where travelers will come across with many things.

CST Railway Station - A heritage building in Mumbai
CST Railway Station – A heritage building in Mumbai

Haji ali-Haji ali plays the important part in mosque along with tomb. This is built by the muslim merchant in the year 1931. Women are no longer permitted to enter this area.

Haji Ali Dargah
Haji Ali Dargah

Juhu and Marine drive– They are the local beaches of Juhu along with Marine drive, from where they can watch the sunnet easily. From this place travelers will enjoy the various food stalls. This place is considered the one of the tourist destinations in Mumbai.

Marine Drive Beach
Marine Drive Beach

Dhobi ghat– This is one of the open air laundry which is popular place to visit in Mumbai where travelers will come across with large areas where they can view the clothes from all over the Mumbai. This place is situated near the station where travelers can easily visit this place to see the dedication and profession of the Dhobi who are working hard for the people of Mumbai.

Dhobi Ghat
Dhobi Ghat

Travelers will also get more tourist information about Mumbai tourist places to visit in the travel guide along with a website named,where visitors will come out with the best accommodations along with best sightseeing along with  transportation  facility where the travelers will be reaching the place within time. Thus Mumbai is the best place which grabs the attractions of many visitors to this city.


7 thoughts on “Mumbai, India – My next summer tourist destination

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    1. Hi Chaitanya.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Actually I have planned my trip to Mumbai in up coming summer season. In Rainy season I would be busy on some other online promotional activities. In my trip I will definitely eat “Wada Pav” in Mumbai City. I just searched about it on Google. It looks quite different and simple than normal burger.

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