About Me

Hi guys. . .

As my all friends says that I am a crazy traveler and I am very proud of it. I am Armida Trentino, a crazy traveler and I always plan my trip with my close friends. I have visited mostly in USA and European area.

Through my this WordPress blog I will try to share traveling experiences and post all of the informative articles such as it would be useful for you to plan your own trips. I hope you would love it. Your feedback and comments are always welcomed and you can directly contact me at armidatrentino@gmail.com. Your suggestion would be useful for me also to improve my blog.

As I have traveled within Europe and USA mostly so unfortunately I could not visit best tourist destinations in Asia. There are so many tourist places in my wish list and I hope i will visit there very soon. You also can share you travel thoughts and ideas with me. Just feel free to contact me anytime at,

Send Me a mail :- armidatrentino@gmail.com

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Be A Traveler, Be Happy


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