Athens – One of the “World’s Oldest Cities”

If you have to learn and get up close with Greece history and culture then having a visit to Athens would be definitely a best idea. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and here you can get exact reflection of Greece history and you can learn virtues of culture of Greece.

There are various tourist places to visit in Athens and tourist activities to enjoy. All of the tourist destinations in Athens city will take you back in the ancient era. The Acropolis, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, Syntagma Square, Panathinaiko Stadium are some of the best places to visit in Athens. Creating a Athens itinerary 5 days can be an easy task provided you plan everything in advance.

There are various different types of museums in Athens city which are also worth to visit. Collect best Athens tourist information from any best travel guide and plan a great trip to this royal city. We have created an image collage about Athens city which will give you an idea about beauty of Athens.



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