Things which should be in every Bangkok itinerary

Bangkok always features somewhere on the top of the list of popular tourist attractions. Whatever kind of holiday you prefer, Bangkok has something for everyone! One of the best things about visiting the city is you can make your own Bangkok travel itinerary- the quintessential custom trip planner. With so much to do and see, all Bangkok itineraries or travel planners should include the following places/activities.

1. Temples & Palaces:

Bangkok has most of Thailand’s cultural heritage, making it the best place to start explore the history of Bangkok. Explore the regal lineage of Thailand through the magnificent palaces. The temples of Thailand are known to exude an aura of serenity where each person is left to his/her own device-whether you want to meditate, sightseeing or just sit and take in the surroundings. An important part of Thai culture, these places should not be missed.

Visit: Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Golden Buddha.

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2. Floating Markets:

Every weekend, Bangkok’s klongs come alive. The klongs or canals are the hub of most morning activities as that’s where the floating markets are held. Floating markets are nothing but markets on water. People come flocking in on their canoes ready to sell their produce which include fresh foods and cooked edibles that encompass Thailand’s local cuisine. Grilled meat and desserts are widely sold and loved. The floating markets are one of the best places where you can experience some local culture.

Visit: Amphawa, Damnoen Saduak, Khlong Lat Mayom.

3. Thai Food:

Thai food is one of the most globally recognized and popular cuisines. At some point in your life your taste buds would have been introduced to the cuisine that is Thai. Whether you liked it or not, local cuisine is just one of the many factors that enhance the travel experience. Your Bangkok travel itinerary isn’t complete without some authentic Thai food. Famous for its street food and all night long open food counters, it’ll be remiss to not treat your buds to some authentic Thai food be it from a stall on a street or a restaurant’s kitchen.

Visit: Victory Monument, Yaowarat, Talat Phlu.


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4. Parks:

Although Bangkok is notorious for traffic and pollution, it does enjoy a fair share of parks interspersed between prime areas of the city. All we see are tall buildings and shopping malls and food stalls; dig a little deeper and there are quite a few stunning green spaces that form the perfect juxtaposition. Most of the parks have a riveting story behind its creation that is neatly weaved into how the city has shaped over the years. Not only do they provide a respite for the locals, but also for the weary tourist!

Visit: Lumpini Park, Rama IX Park, Chatuchak Park.

5. Shopping & Nightlife:

There’s no doubt that Bangkok does provide a wholesome holiday. After all the sightseeing, what better place to wind down than at a local watering hole! Try some Laotian beer and enjoy either a musical performance or a show to go with the alcohol. Khao San Road is known for its vibrancy after hours, so head on down after a hard day’s work of sightseeing.

While some prefer to sit in a pub and drink, some turn to retail therapy. Bangkok has long since enjoyed the reputation of providing the ultimate haven for crazy shoppers. The malls and street markets are lined with merchandise just waiting to be purchased. There’s nothing that the retail market of Thailand doesn’t have.

Visit: MBK Mall, Khao San Road Market, Chinatown.

If you’re not pressed for time, another option would be to take short day trips from Bangkok. Bangkok serves as the perfect base for short getaways to Ayutthaya or the Khao Yai National Park. There’s indeed a lot to see in Bangkok, so plan your trip keeping your days, time and money in mind!


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