Pleasant things to do in Seattle, USA

Seattle is pleasant, fascinating tourist city located in Washington State of United States. The city holds the honor of being a perfect tourist city in the state as it is a best place to visit in any season. From huge skyscrapers to green gardens, you can enjoy everything in the city which a tourist loves to enjoy. Seattle tourism will offer you so many best sights to visit in the city. You can explore the beauty of tourist attractions in Seattle within a day or two. As there are so many things to do in the city so it is most of the time so confusing to choose between among them as which one would be the best to visit. Of course, the space needle is the great tourist spot in the city which your should not miss but there are various other tourist places in Seattle city which should be in your Seattle trip plans.

For this issue I have created a small presentation which would help to plan your Seattle city tour. If you are looking for what to do in Seattle then the presentation below would be so useful for you. It will give you the best introductory information about best tourist activities to enjoy in Seattle City and places to visit to visit. Seattle is a well developed city so here you will get the best option for accommodation, restaurants and transportation according to your budget and requirements. You should refer a best Seattle City online travel guide to get best tourist information about the city.


Guest Post – Experience the Romance of Verona, Italy

Ah! Verona, Italy! Famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a perfect romantic getaway with historical sites and amazing attractions. As there are so many places to visit and things to do in Verona City, so you can enjoy a great romantic trip here. This northern Italian city is conveniently located halfway between Milan and Venice and is an absolute delight to explore!

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Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Verona include the following:

1) Piazza delle Erbe – Piazza delle Erbe is a wonderful place to begin your adventure of Verona. This scenic plaza features medieval architecture surrounding a busy marketplace. In addition, this former Roman Forum has a pretty fountain in the center with the “Madonna Verona” statue. You’ll find that the bustling marketplace during the day transforms into a social gathering place at night.

Piazza delle Erbe
Piazza delle Erbe

2) Piazza dei Signori – Piazza dei Signori is connected to Piazza delle Erbe by a pretty arch with a hanging whale rib called Arco della Costa. Once inside this smaller town square, you’ll find a statue of Dante in the center and other statues of famous signori on the top of the surrounding buildings. Since this plaza used to be the city’s center for public offices, the 15th century town hall, Loggia del Consiglio, and the 14th century homes of the dignitaries are all located here.

Piazza dei Signori
Piazza dei Signori

3) Lamberti Tower – The Torre dei Lamberti is a medieval bell tower originally built in the 12th century before reaching its final height of 84 meters. For a fantastic view of Verona and the beautiful countryside outside the city, you can climb the stairs to the top of the tower or take the elevator most of the way up for a small fee.

Lamberti Tower
Lamberti Tower

4) Juliet’s House, Balcony and Statue – Of course, a trip to Verona almost requires a visit to this famous tourist spot! Juliet’s house, balcony and statue can be found in a courtyard off of Via Capello. Inside Juliet’s house is a wonderful exhibit of 13th century furniture and Gothic architecture. The famous balcony and Juliet’s statue can be seen from the courtyard at no cost.

Juliets Balcony
Juliets Balcony

5) Roman Theater and Archaeological Museum – To get to the amazing 1st century Roman Theater and archaeological museum, you’ll need to cross the Adige River on the beautiful Ponte Pietra stone bridge. If you’re in Verona during the summer, you may be able to see a summer theatrical performance in this theater built into a hill. The Archeological Museum is inside the old Convent of Saint Jerome just above the Roman Theater. This museum showcases Roman sculptures, mosaics, inscriptions and other Roman and Etruscan artifacts from the area.

Roman Theater Verona
Roman Theater Verona

6) Duomo di Verona (The Cathedral Complex) – Verona’s most popular cathedral is the beautiful Duomo di Verona. This Cathedral Complex actually holds several buildings such as the 12th century Baptistery, St. Elena Church and the Canons Cloister. You’ll also see amazing frescoes from the 13th through the 18th centuries.

Duomo di Verona
Duomo di Verona

7) Castelvecchio (Castle and Museum) – This 14th century medieval fortress is an incredible castle with seven towers, four separate buildings and impressive keeps. Castelvecchio also offers a wonderful art museum with paintings by Mantegna, Pisanello and Bellini, sculptures, coins and other interesting artifacts.

Castelvecchio Verona
Castelvecchio Verona

8) The Verona Arena – This remarkable 1st century Roman amphitheater continues to act as the home of Verona’s summer opera festival. The Verona Arena is the third largest Roman arena in Italy and can hold up to 25,000 people for any event.

Arena in Verona
Arena in Verona

If you’re planning a trip to northern Italy, make sure you add a visit to Verona to the top of your trip itinerary! You won’t be disappointed in this wonderful and historical city!

Pleasant things to enjoy in Padua City, Italy

Padua is a city situated in Italy. It is also the capital city of province of Padua and is the communication and economic hub of the area. This place also hosts the 820 years old university named as ‘University of Padua’. I got well familiar with Padua when I and some of my friends planned a tour for Padua tourist activities and our experience was so memorable that we planned our tour to Padua several times.

Best time to visit

Padua is the type of place where you can easily find the tourists in all the months of the year. However, I would suggest you to make your trip to Padua in the autumn season for the recreational activities in Padua. The main reason behind this is that during this season the temperature neither too high neither too low and the climate is moderate.

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Sports and activities in Padua

The recreational activities in Padua are world famous. This is also the reason why I prefer Padua for the recreational activities. I enjoyed bicycling in most of the streets here. Renting the bicycle was not a difficult for me and I was able to rent the bicycle at affordable prices. In addition to this I also visited some of the finest parks available at this place. In addition to these activities, the Padua also offers a lot of opportunities for the people who are interested in the water sports. Therefore, we can say that there are a lot of activities to do in Padua.

Città Murata the wall city in Padua

Festivals and Events in Padua

Padua is a kind of place where a large number of festivals and events are organized and is one of popular Padua activities. There is hardly any month when you will not find any kind of the event at this place. Some of them have a very traditional celebration while in some of them dates are held based on the conditions whether the official date of that historical event fall on the weekend or not. Most of the festivals and the events which are organized have a historical and religious background. However, the different festivals or the events do not fall at the same time of the year.

House of scientist Galileo
House of scientist Galileo

Some of the events which I witnessed in Padua were outdoor markets and are held every day of the week excluding Sunday. The locals and the tourists attend markets in order to buy the items and also browse for the other goods. While these markets cannot be considered as “festivals,” however these markets act as the magnet to attract the major crowd of the tourists coming from all over the world.

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Top 5 churches to visit in Moscow City

Planning a trip to Russia, then your trip will be incomplete without having a visit to Moscow. As there are various tourist cities to visit in Russia but still Moscow City have its unique tourism virtues. Moscow City is known as “City of 40 Times – 40 Churches“. Moscow city offers you the wide range of tourist attractions including various museums, gardens, art galleries, shopping spots but still churches in Moscow are worth to visit. If you are planning for a long trip to Moscow city then your should not miss to have a visit some of the best of them.

I have created a small animated video about top churches to visit in the city. While planning for a Moscow city trip itinerary you should not miss those churches in your wish list. As there is specific opening closing time for every church so you should collect tourist information before planning a trip. A best online Moscow travel guide could be useful for you. All of these churches are best tourist spots to get up close with awesome piece of architecture. Stunning interior, royal building will give you an memorable traveling experience.

Top 5 Churches – Booming Tourist Attractions IN Moscow

Useful travel guide to plan a Zermatt Vacation

Basically a straightforward mountain village profound in the Nikolatai valley, Zermatt has turned itself towards games, to such an extent that today it offers one of Switzerland’s above all wonderful and biggest ski locales: 260km of downhill ski runs in a dream of a setting, at the foot of the superb Cervin. You can unwind here and return back fresh to work.  You can get lots of tourist information with regard to the city from Zermatt.

Location of Zermatt 

Zermatt is in towards the south of Switzerland, in the shade of the 14,692 foot high Matterhorn Mountain, in the vicinity of a 4 hour drive north of Milan, Italy. Zermatt is a mount hamlet at the end of the Visp gorge in the Swiss Alps encompassed by a ring of 29 mountains more than 13000 feet high, a percentage of the tallest in Europe. Zermatt tourism will certainly bring reminiscence of the olden times.

Zermatt City Night View
Zermatt City Night View

Perfect time for visiting Zermatt

Zermatt is lasting throughout the year destination which offers sightseers various exercises. Winter ski exercises keep going throughout the winter months that run from December to May. Summer skiing, climbs and strolls might be best revealed in throughout the months between June and November. The Zermatt tourist information states that the best time to stop over Zermatt is between June and November.

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Transportation in Zermatt

Switzerland’s red gear control train serves Zermatt is starting from Brig or maybe Visp. Periodic rail associations dash to Zermatt from most important Swiss urban communities and the landing strips of Geneva as well as Zurich, modifying in Brig or maybe Visp. Drivers can head to Tasch and take a train or taxi the final 7 km. alternately stop the auto in Visp and take the train. It is a small walk, sleigh ride, or taxi from the station to the village. The Zermatt travel guide will surely help you in this aspect.

Transportation in Zermatt City
Transportation in Zermatt City

Festivals in Zermatt

Attending any local festival is one of the best things to enjoy in Zermatt City. International Matterhorn Run Zermatt is a mountain race held annually during August. The Matterhorn Eagle Cup, a golf tournament that is not held on a custom golf course built in the Alpine countryside among natural surroundings. The Ski-Mountaineering Race is held during February. Men, women in addition to children also take part in these competitions. Zermatt’s yearly Folklore Parade gifts you with a flavor of the customs of Switzerland. Conventional music as well as food is served at the event.

Annual Folklore Parade
Annual Folklore Parade

Restaurants in Zermatt

From impeccable five-star food to a brisk nibble on the run, Zermatt’s restaurants and lunch rooms will speak to every living soul. Zermatt has numerous honor scoring restaurants with fortes running from nearby to universal fares. From claim to fame barbecue restaurants to comfy “Stublis” which serve cheddar fondue in Switzerland, you will find gastronomical enjoyments to tickle your tongue and fulfill your yearning.

A Mountain Restaurant in Zermatt
A Mountain Restaurant in Zermatt

If Vacation is what has just struck your mind, consider Zermatt the place that does not lose its charm in any season and keeps shining. With the help of Zermatt Travel Guide you can get to know about accommodation, transportation in Zermatt City.

Geared up for things to do in Edinburgh City

I completely agree that Edinburgh is one best tourist’s spot is the world for its powerful modern life, and amalgamation of both ancient and modern life with Scottish atmosphere whirling round. I was inspired a lot by the up-to-date architecture, gothic churches, gallerias and arts center which depict history of Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland which has an entertainment packed life including night clubs, outdoor activities, sightseeing and countless tourist activities in Edinburgh. I traveled to Edinburgh with my family by planning well ahead as summer was the key period for festivals and tourists from all round the globe would flock in. August to early September is the peak season time, I suggest all travelers to book your tickets in advance to avoid landing up in trouble. Edinburgh activities are plentiful and the list never ends. Let me list a few recreational activities so that my followers don’t miss out.

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Recreational Activities in Edinburgh


Though technology is developing each day and modern equipment’s are emerging out, fishing is considered one best outdoor activity enjoyed by people of all ages. The city has plentiful places for salmon and trout fishing. License is never required, but I paid the landowner for fishing in that specific place. Other important spots for fishing include Almond River, Water of Leith, and Portmore Loch. My family had an entirely varied experience by fishing. Hope you don’t miss this opportunity when you enjoy all Edinburgh tourist attractions.

Hiking and Walking

When you wanted to enjoy outdoor activity you should never miss out the walking trails within the plentiful parks with waterways following you to hills as the destination. It was a refreshing and thrilling experience for my family as we walked the parks. The Pentland hills are the greatest place for start off where you can follow the route to Dalmeny house. The water of Leith runs from Pentland to the sea, dispersed throughout the banks and this makes walking interesting and pleasant.

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Tennis and Racquet Sports

Tennis and racquet sports are famed things to do in Edinburgh. There are countless centers for this specific sport being featured throughout the city. Good qualities of indoor and outdoor courts, added with squash courts are also available. For the health of the player’s fitness and trainnings sessions are also available.


Cycling is prevalent in Edinburgh as the place is always found with high traffic. Though the weather peeps out with rain and wind the people neglect it and show interest on cycling. The off road paths along the railway lines paved way for the popularity of cycling.

These are a few recreational activities we as a family was interested and enjoyed, hope the people who plan a trip do not miss out the things to enjoy in Edinburgh. For more details about Edinburgh travel guide, sightseeing, nightlife, accommodation, hotel and lots more Edinburgh city travel guide who made our trip a memorable one will help you out.

Copenhagen tourist attractions – image gallery

If you are planning for a trip to Denmark then Copenhagen City should be in your trip itinerary. This capital city of Denmark  is really an awesome and well developed tourist city in Denmark. Around a decade ago Denmark city was not much popular and a tourists hub. It was just like a quiet girl next door. Within last 6 -7 year city has been tremendously changed and now it it is just like a charming super sexy woman. Funky new architectures and superb development has added a glamour in the City. You would never get disappointed while visiting the lovely, safe and romantic places to visit in Copenhagen.

The following image galley would give you the slight idea about beauty of tourist attractions in Copenhagen City. If you are planning your Copenhagen trip itinerary with kids then Bakken theme park and experimentarium are the places which you should not miss. Copenhagen Zoo is really the most enjoyable tourist spot to visit. You can various number of animals of many species. Before planning your trip you should gather all required tourist information related with Copenhagen tourist. Refer a best online Copenhagen travel guide to plan your trip. Just have look at the following  image gallery. I hope your like it.