Top 5 hangout spots in Saint Louis – Image guide

Saint Louis – Missouri – Unites States :- It is one of the rich cultural, historical and artistic cities in USA. Music legends like Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin, Miles Davis and Tina Turner started their careers here. Saint Louis tourist attractions gives you the perfect reflection of American lifestyle. Enjoying bowling, playing baseball and drinking beer are the tourist activities which should play while you are in Saint Louis. lets have a look at some of the top hang out spots in city.

1) Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

One of the huge and iconic churches in USA built in Roman architectural style. Church is mostly known for its stunning interior. According to records interior is designed with more than 7000 colors.

2) Eads Bridge.

Eads bridge is the first structure in the world which is made from steel. As the bridge is built in 1874, so it holds the honor of being one of the oldest bridges in USA. You can enjoy the great light decoration during night. So it is a best romantic tourist attraction in city to visit in night and enjoy the cool breathing river side walk.

3) Missouri Botanical Garden.

A best tourist spot for all nature lovers. You can see so many rare species of flowers and plants. There is a toy train also within the garden so it could be a nice experience to visit here traveling with kids. A great recreational area in the city.

4) Saint Louis City Zoo.

Again another best tourist attractions while planning a tourist with kids. Saint Louis city zoo is listed in top five zoos in USA. You can see various wild animals and also there is a huge aquarium within the zoo.

5) The Gateway Arch.

Your trip to Saint Louis would remain incomplete without having a visit to the Gateway Arch. It is the logo and welcome sign of the city and also holds the record of worlds tallest national monument. You can enoy a elevator ride with the arch where you can enjoy the stunning view if Saint Louis skyline.