5 ways To Make This Christmas Memorable In Paris

As novelist Edna Ferber puts it, ‘Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling’.

We all love the smell of freshly baked plum cake and the trees brightened up at our cosy homes, but Christmas also means vacations! Exploring new destinations on Christmas breaks is a favourite activity for travel enthusiasts.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Paris is one of the hottest destinations on the list and given the romantic and rustic charm the city has it, we can’t agree more! Christmas in Paris 2014 is all set to be legendary and here’s why!

While the list of things to do in Paris is endless, here are some best picks of making your Christmas in Paris more memorable.

  1. Marvel at the Illuminations:

Paris, one of the loveliest cities in the world becomes more dazzling and glittery. The avenue des Champs-Elysees, avenue Montaigne, Place Vendome, the Montmartre district and Bercy Village shine with the special Christmas illuminations done intricately to appeal the eyes of the visitors. This festive season, don’t ask yourself where to go in Paris, just have a splendid walk around the alluring streets or sign up for special ‘illuminations of Paris tour’. This tour will take you to the finest of the city’s monuments that are specially lightened up for Christmas.

Eiffel Tower lightning
  1. Indulge into Shopping:

Undoubtedly, you do not need a reason to go splurging for stylish clothes or give justice to your brand fixation in the fashion capital of the world. Shopping is one of the must-do things in Paris but hey, it is something which is also deeply associated with festivities. Shopping new stuff for yourself on Christmas is an excellent treat you can give yourself. Also, you can shop for your family and friends; they’ll love the stuff from Paris. Reason: Paris flaunts some great Christmas markets. The Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Place de la Nation on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées and in Place du Trocadéro are styled with Christmas decorations, local produce, arts and crafts!

  1. Go winter-Sporting:

If you are travelling with family and wondering what to do in Paris this Christmas, winter sports and fun filled activities is the answer! Paris has some awesome arrangements to be a part of winter games like ice-rink. The square near Paris city hall, the Champs-Elysees and the Jardins du Trocadero are some great options. The Grand Palais des glace- a winter sport is organised at Charlety sports stadium. For entertainment and a quality time with family, you can also opt for story telling sessions, go for adventure rides in Disneyland Paris or scream your heart out on a merry-go-round on Big Wheel in Place de la Concorde. These sports are a recommended activity for things to do in Paris in winter!

  1. Nativity scenes:

Paris has special nativity scenes installed in the churches and to get to know the spiritual side of this city, you have to visit them. The poetic scenes blended with local contemporary art are worth observing. The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the Madeleine church, and Basilique Sacre-Coeur have some appealing scenes ranging from small to life-size figures. Quite a different way to explore the city!

  1. Food:

Every journey or expedition is incomplete without relishing the local spread. And with Christmas, it gets better. The French culinary gourmet dinners are nothing short of a heavenly experience. You can enjoy your dinner at extraordinary locations like Eiffel tower, the Seine, the bridges of Paris or dine on a special Christmas dinner cruise!


When looking for what to do and see in Paris in Christmas 2014 try these unusual destinations and spend your vacation in a unique way!


Helpful Paris travel guidelines for solo women traveler

Paris is a cosmopolitan city of France and is regarded as the city of lights and is a perfect travel destination for people is it couples, families or singles to get organised for a perfect holiday. Paris surpasses any destination on earth for its beauty and would surely satisfy people of all tastes, history buffs, shopaholics, people interested in food etc. Paris has never failed to captivate me as well during my latest visit as a solo women traveler  I wish to share few helpful tips on Paris travel for people who wish to explore this destination all by themselves.

Paris Skyline
Paris Skyline

Travelling in Paris as a single woman traveler.

What to pack:

It is good to pack blazers and slacks more that sweatshirt and jeans here, for they are not just lighter bur are much accepted. It is good to dress smart here like a French Women, to not get recognized as a tourist easily. All chic women costumes here include a scarf as well. Also Paris is best explored by bare foot. Athletic shoes would help well rather than flats and stylish heels. Most of the attractions here are crowded; it is good to pack a book to read while waiting on the queue.

Paris Trip Plan :- Visit here to get a visualize, well planned Paris Itinerary 5 Days

Public transportation here, through metro rail is fast and convenient here. They also connect important tourist destinations and tourist attractions in Paris. Tickets are available in bulk at the best cost for frequent travelers and tourists.

Paris Sightseeing Bus
Paris Sightseeing Bus


You can get multiple options for accommodation in Paris. It is good to stay local here, than to go in search of costly restaurants. There is beautiful bed and breakfast in Paris, with provisions to meet similar people. There are comfortable apartments on rent that are wise choices compared with hotels.

Eating out:

It is good for solo women travelers in Paris to eat at the markets, for people won’t feel the sense of loneliness in restaurants. Outdoor cafes are great places to pass time, just to watch romantic couples pass by.

Planning visits:

There are ample things to do in Paris and its attractions are wide and time consuming. It is good to plan the tour in advance such as visiting the museums early so that to enter as soon as they are opens. It also tends to be less crowded at these times. It is also good to know the weekly holidays for these attractions, to avoid waste of time.

Paris Outdoor Cafe
Paris Outdoor Cafe

Safety points:

Paris tourism is statistically safe compared with other tourist spots for female travelers  But still it is advisable to be vigilant, use common sense tricks when men approach and to avoid deserted streets at nights. It is good to stay in well-lit zones at night.

It is good to avoid smiling and maintaining prolonged eye contact with strangers and men, as it is interpreted as an invitation for a relationship. It is good to carry a map and learn the street signs here. It is also good to learn few phrases in French, to call out for help and to communicate few important gestures.

But, Paris travel is something that each traveler would cherish and enjoy and it would remain in my favorite memories always. To learn more on Paris travel, visit Triphobo – Paris travel guide