Pleasant things to enjoy in Padua City, Italy

Padua is a city situated in Italy. It is also the capital city of province of Padua and is the communication and economic hub of the area. This place also hosts the 820 years old university named as ‘University of Padua’. I got well familiar with Padua when I and some of my friends planned a tour for Padua tourist activities and our experience was so memorable that we planned our tour to Padua several times.

Best time to visit

Padua is the type of place where you can easily find the tourists in all the months of the year. However, I would suggest you to make your trip to Padua in the autumn season for the recreational activities in Padua. The main reason behind this is that during this season the temperature neither too high neither too low and the climate is moderate.

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Sports and activities in Padua

The recreational activities in Padua are world famous. This is also the reason why I prefer Padua for the recreational activities. I enjoyed bicycling in most of the streets here. Renting the bicycle was not a difficult for me and I was able to rent the bicycle at affordable prices. In addition to this I also visited some of the finest parks available at this place. In addition to these activities, the Padua also offers a lot of opportunities for the people who are interested in the water sports. Therefore, we can say that there are a lot of activities to do in Padua.

Città Murata the wall city in Padua

Festivals and Events in Padua

Padua is a kind of place where a large number of festivals and events are organized and is one of popular Padua activities. There is hardly any month when you will not find any kind of the event at this place. Some of them have a very traditional celebration while in some of them dates are held based on the conditions whether the official date of that historical event fall on the weekend or not. Most of the festivals and the events which are organized have a historical and religious background. However, the different festivals or the events do not fall at the same time of the year.

House of scientist Galileo
House of scientist Galileo

Some of the events which I witnessed in Padua were outdoor markets and are held every day of the week excluding Sunday. The locals and the tourists attend markets in order to buy the items and also browse for the other goods. While these markets cannot be considered as “festivals,” however these markets act as the magnet to attract the major crowd of the tourists coming from all over the world.

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