Geared up for things to do in Edinburgh City

I completely agree that Edinburgh is one best tourist’s spot is the world for its powerful modern life, and amalgamation of both ancient and modern life with Scottish atmosphere whirling round. I was inspired a lot by the up-to-date architecture, gothic churches, gallerias and arts center which depict history of Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland which has an entertainment packed life including night clubs, outdoor activities, sightseeing and countless tourist activities in Edinburgh. I traveled to Edinburgh with my family by planning well ahead as summer was the key period for festivals and tourists from all round the globe would flock in. August to early September is the peak season time, I suggest all travelers to book your tickets in advance to avoid landing up in trouble. Edinburgh activities are plentiful and the list never ends. Let me list a few recreational activities so that my followers don’t miss out.

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Recreational Activities in Edinburgh


Though technology is developing each day and modern equipment’s are emerging out, fishing is considered one best outdoor activity enjoyed by people of all ages. The city has plentiful places for salmon and trout fishing. License is never required, but I paid the landowner for fishing in that specific place. Other important spots for fishing include Almond River, Water of Leith, and Portmore Loch. My family had an entirely varied experience by fishing. Hope you don’t miss this opportunity when you enjoy all Edinburgh tourist attractions.

Hiking and Walking

When you wanted to enjoy outdoor activity you should never miss out the walking trails within the plentiful parks with waterways following you to hills as the destination. It was a refreshing and thrilling experience for my family as we walked the parks. The Pentland hills are the greatest place for start off where you can follow the route to Dalmeny house. The water of Leith runs from Pentland to the sea, dispersed throughout the banks and this makes walking interesting and pleasant.

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Tennis and Racquet Sports

Tennis and racquet sports are famed things to do in Edinburgh. There are countless centers for this specific sport being featured throughout the city. Good qualities of indoor and outdoor courts, added with squash courts are also available. For the health of the player’s fitness and training sessions are also available.


Cycling is prevalent in Edinburgh as the place is always found with high traffic. Though the weather peeps out with rain and wind the people neglect it and show interest on cycling. The off-road paths along the railway lines paved way for the popularity of cycling.

These are a few recreational activities we as a family was interested and enjoyed, hope the people who plan a trip do not miss out on the things to enjoy in Edinburgh. For more details about Edinburgh travel guide, sightseeing, nightlife, accommodation, hotel and lots more Edinburgh city travel guide who made our trip a memorable one will help you out.


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