Charming beauty of places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is such a tourist city where you can see the best combination of traditional and modern culture. As it is one of the oldest cities in the world so you can some of the great mosques, museums and archaeological tourist attractions in Istanbul City. There are various things to do in Istanbul City which you should not miss during your trip. Istanbul is located in Turkey so it is commonly known connecting bridge between Asia and Europe. If you are planning for a long trip to Turkey then Istanbul should be there in your itinerary.  Istanbul has it’s rich historical and cultural virtues and these qualities make it a unique tourist destination. You must have to refer a good Istanbul travel guide to get best tourist information about various places to see in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a tourist friendly city but still, you should be alert at some crowded tourist places like Grand Bazaar. From April to June is the best time to visit Istanbul City. Creating a Istanbul itinerary 5 days can be an easy task provided you plan everything in advance. Weather is also littler moderate and you can enjoy the natural beauty of Istanbul tourist spots in this period. As Istanbul is a well-developed tourist city so you can get best options for places to stay, restaurants and transportation within your budget and requirement. Just have look at the small presentation below. It will give you a slight idea about the beauty of Istanbul tourist attractions.


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