Top sightseeing places in Honolulu

Honolulu is a big city in the United States and is the capital of Hawaii with ample scope for sightseeing, restaurants, accommodations and nightlife. The city is also the centre for commerce, transportation and is the home for more than one million people in the state. It the main gateway for the entire US and carries the charm of a perfect island in its culture and atmosphere. Let us discuss some of the best Honolulu places to visit in this article.

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Waikiki Beach:

This is the best tourist spot for romantic couples and people who love the sandy shores. There are also frequent movies hosted for tourists in the beaches. Offers the best adventurous activities in the sea and also offshore and is the best spot to enjoy for anybody in the day and night.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach

Hanauma bay:

This is the most beautiful and attractive place in Hawaii and is also much crowded, and people need to make their way amidst the crows to explore the beauty of the place. There is ample scope for the underwater experience by renting a snorkelling gear and to swim with the turtles.

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay

Pearl Harbor:

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Honolulu as the entire human race remembers the remnants of the pearl harbour through its buildings and memorials that stand as a symbol of the true sacrifice of the protectors of the nation. This is also the place to pay homage to the brave soldiers, there is also an informative video organised inside the memorial, to clearly explain the facts of that miserable event.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

Aloha tower:

Honolulu sightseeing place is amplified by this 10 floor tower located near the ocean and is the place where tourist could enjoy the crystal clear waters from the top of an observation deck. The tower is open all day till sense and the tower is now a major hub for shopping, dining and has the best marketplace with good restaurants.

Aloha Tower
Aloha Tower

Diamond Head Honolulu:

This is one of the best places to visit in Honolulu with active attractions and crowds. The Diamond Head stands over the crater of a volcano to provide the best views of the Pacific Ocean from the edge of the city. The place is also close to the best hotels and resorts in Honolulu and is thus a popular tourist destination.

Diamond Head
Diamond Head

Ala Moana shopping centre:

This is a very lovely semi-outdoor shopping facility that never fails to attract tourists. The mall is breezy with loads of shopping options including Hawaiian products and is also an excellent spot for handing out and for window shopping.

Ala Moana Shopping Centre
Ala Moana Shopping Centre

Honolulu sightseeing places are exotic with endless activities for tourists, especially for those who wish to stay all day in the water. For more Honolulu travel information and best Honolulu places to visit and enjoy, visit


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