Exotic and fun filled place to visit in Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is a tourist destination that offers lots of attractions for us. We would have witnessed at least 50 museums here along with exotic concerts. The transportation system here is pretty different, but is enjoyable and consists of miniature railways and boat tours.

The city surely has a flair for its maritime charm and is one of the most beautiful cities here; it behaves as the gateway for the world as its seaport at the Elbe River offers excellent navigation to the rest of the world. For me, Hamburg sightseeing was fantabulous for its spectacular shopping, culture and a very lovely landscape.

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Places to see in Hamburg: 


I would recommend all tourists to visit the Hafencity in Hamburg for it stands as the best urban development project in Europe right from the 12th century. It is developed over 155 hectares of land and has been expected to allow double the population of the present strength of the city. This Hamburg tourist attraction is also made interesting with a series of restaurants, shops, apartments and new symphonies. It has depicts some of the best architecture of Europe and is expected to get over by the year 2025.

Port of Hamburg:

Hamburg is predominantly a port city and its harbor is the third largest next to London and New York in the world. The harbor is said to be over 800 years old and it is a very good idea to explore the Hamburg harbor with a boat tour or a walk along the beach and it offers tremendous scope on Hamburg sightseeing. A quite dinner at the Rive restaurant is also beneficial as it serves good seafood and the best scenery that surrounds the harbor.


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Hamburg fish market

These markets have fresh seafood, nuts, fruits and tea from all over the world. Food fans should definitely make a visit to this market and is open close to the fish auction room in Hamburg on all Sunday mornings. The lively atmosphere is bet caught by visiting the market at the early hours of the day.

Emigration museum:

The Ballinstadt museum is a must tourist attraction in Hamburg and was built in the period when about 5 million people emigrated from Hamburg to the new World in Europe. The museum complex clearly depicts the story of the journey. There is an interactive exhibition hosted in German and English and the museum serves as the largest genealogical database of the world.

Historic Warehouse District

Close to the harbour lies the warehouse district of Hamburg with is the largest warehouse complex in the entire world. There lies a narrow gravel road and a small water channel that is located between the barn and the gravel road, over 100 hundred years old. Chief items stores in these warehouses are cocoa, silk and oriental carpet.

Hamburg tourist destinations are best visited at night owing to the magical atmosphere created by the projected lights of its magnificent canals, buildings and bridges. To learn more on Hamburg tourism and travel, visit joguru.com.


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