Have an amazing experience of Denpasar tourist activities

Denpasar is a full of life and the largest city which is also the capital city of Bali. Shining with temples, grand palaces, history touched museums and friendly inhabitants are the main reasons for my visit to Denpasar. The fantastic place can be visited anytime during the year. The activities and attractions are plentifully matching the taste and preferences of varied people. If you’ve planned for a getaway to Denpasar, then be ready for adventures and activities which are copious. Apart from sightseeing, there is a number of tourist activities to do in Denpasar. Let me share a few of my recreational activities in Denpasar which I really enjoyed.

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Recreational Activities in Denpasar

Pond Fishing – is one of the famed recreational activities which I enjoyed with my family. This activity includes numerous fun activities added to pond fishing. There are nine fishing ponds and refreshment stalls for relaxation. Fishing rods and pellet baits are available for rent so fishing is fun and must be enjoyed by all tourists who plan for Denpasar.

Pond Fishing In Depnsear
Pond Fishing In Depnsear

De Kubu Bowling & Billiard Centre- It was really fun and excitement at De Kubu bowling and billiard Centre. The place looks quite lavish and has games which are charged. Numerous people gather here during the evenings for relaxation and time pass. I enjoyed my days at this centre by participating in all games.

De Kubu Bowling Center
De Kubu Bowling Center

Jogging Tracks – There are a number of activities and tourist attractions in Denpasar where jogging and sports one of the main sport activity. Lapangan renon is a special place for jogging where rice fields are found on both sides with jogging tracks in the mid. I jogged and inhaled the fresh natural air around and suggest you not to miss this opportunity when you step into Denpasar.

Lapangan Renon
Lapangan Renon

Orchid gardens – Are an important place to relax and enjoy. Olive green gardens, with varieties of floral and other tropical plants, are sold out. The tropical gardens are visited by numerous tourists. They enjoy and appreciate the various tropical plants such as Rafflesia, Heliconia and anthuriums.  The relaxing location was splendid medicine for my mind and a must for floral lovers.

Orchid Gardens
Orchid Gardens

Wahana Bali Adrenaline – Is a great tourist attraction for Denpasar activities. Activities such as football, ping pong, fishing, go-kart for children, dirt bikes and more are conducted here at the minimal charge. For people who wanted to participate in the tourist activities in Denpasar can approach Wahana Bali Adrenaline for more details.

Wahana Bali Adrenaline
Wahana Bali Adrenaline

Watersports – With gorgeous beaches, waterfalls and river Denpasar hosts a number of water sports. There are countless companies which offer water sports activities for tourists to participate and enjoy. The activities include swimming, water polo, snorkelling, waboba, diving and the list include lots more. Water sports lovers should never miss out this opportunity.

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