Major tourist places to visit in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. It is among the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates in terms of the population in the city. According to the census of 2013 the city had a population of 921,000. The capital city houses some of the most important government offices; this is the place where the Government of United Arab Emirates rule and it is also the home of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Abu Dhabi has many tourists visiting from across the country. It has grown into a cosmopolitan city because of the rapid urbanization which is taking place. All the important financial and non –financial institutions are set up in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi sightseeing has become popular because of the brilliant ambience of the city and also the breathtaking attractions of the capital.

The Middle East attracts a large number of tourists from across the world. There are so many Places to see in Abu Dhabi that you would find one vacation too small to explore this city. Some of the most exciting places to watch in Abu Dhabi –

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Al Maqtaa Fort – this fort is considered as a living wonder in Abu Dhabi. This fort has a blend of history along with its architecture. The fort was built 200 years ago and one can see the fort when they cross the Al Maqtaa Bridge. In the olden times this fort was meant to keep an eye on the burglars and the bandits who came to rob the city. With the passage of time the fort has become one of the most important Places to see in Abu Dhabi.

Al Maqtaa Fort
Al Maqtaa Fort

Khalifa Park – this is among one of the main tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. Those who come to Abu Dhabi for a vacation should not miss this park. The park is located in Al Matar. This is the most important Abu Dhabi places to visit and is very famous among both the locals of the city and also the tourists who come from outside. The park has a central place of meeting, beautiful landscaped Grand Avenue, tunnel ride and monorail ride for the children, theme park and amphitheater and besides this you have a mosque and also an Islamic garden. Thus the park takes care of the needs of all young and old.

Khalifa Park
Khalifa Park

Heritage village – the heritage village is situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi. The dwellings made from mud bricks, camel riding, watching the falcon sports and having a customary mosque are some of the main attractions of the heritage village. When you watch this village it is difficult to believe that it is a replica of the olden times as it looks like a real village. It is reallt a best tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi for all heritage lovers.

Heritage Village
Heritage Village

Al-Hosn Palace (white fort) – this palace is also known as the white fort. This is one of the oldest structures in Abu Dhabi. At present the entire interiors of the fort has been restructured. The fort depicts some of the great times of the history and the main attraction here is the beautiful architecture at the entrance and also the museum which makes your Abu Dhabi sightseeing complete in all sense.

Al Hosn Palace
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