Top Stunning Athens Tourist Attractions

Greek is one of the most popular countries all over the world. It is not only famous for being one of the oldest countries throughout world but also famous for its unique beauty. Every year numbers of visitors come to visit this city all around the world because there are numbers of tourist destinations in Athens. Athens is the capital city of Greek which holds uniqueness and specialty.

This city is also the biggest city of Greek. There are numbers of things to do in Athens and one will not be bored if he or she visits this city. I have visited this city 3 years ago; I was amazed to see this beautiful city. There are many places to see in Athens to attract tourists. You should also visit this city and its major attractions. I am sure this city will provide you memorable moments and you will be amazed to see the beauty of this city.

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Best time to visit: During October to mid April, there is a heavy rainfall and in summers also you should avoid trip to Athens during summer of rainfall season. This is recommended because bad weather conditions can create a problem in your trip to Athens. The best time to visit this city from Mid April to late June.

As there are numbers of Athens sightseeing places but here are some popular places which you should visit during your trip to Athens:

  • National Gardens: National Gardens Athens in Greece are a wonderful hang out spot as well as a meeting point for the locals.  15.5 hectares park located near Syntagma metro station and right next to the Greek parliament.
  • Jewel of Athens: It is considered as top most popular Athens tourist attractions which attract visitors throughout world. Every year millions of tourists come to see this amazing place.
  • National Archaeological museum: In this museum, there are numbers of things are places which attracts people with their unique beauty.
  • Temple of Poseidon: It is one of those major attractions that is so much popular among locals as well as among tourists all around the world. Thousands of tourists come to see this temple. During sunset its view is amazing along with the view of sea.

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  • Piraeus: You can easily reach to this place by Metro or by hiring your own car. This port city is beautifully located on the island. You can also have a trip to Piraeus from the main center of the city through open topped bus.
  • Plaka: Plaka is well renowned for its restaurants, shops and other good local architecture examples.
  • Lycabettus Hill: You should visit this hill but while you are going you should have idea about weather conditions because bad weather conditions can be a big problem for you.
  • Sytagma Square: It is also known with other name “Constitution Square” and is considered as heart of the city.

I hope this tourist information about Athens city would be useful for you to plan your trip. These are top 7 Athens tourist attraction places to visit which should not be missed while in Athens. If you are going first time to this city then you should visit JoGuru website which is travel guide website, this site will help you in real way.



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