San Francisco Travel Guide For Single Women Traveler

San Francisco is a city that is frequented by most visitors coming to California and one of the most popular tourist destinations of America. With affordable transportation facilities, it is easier for the tourists to take a tour of this city from one corner to another. For single women travelers to San Francisco city, the best time to visit this city is between Septembers to November. Although the spring season that extends from March to May is favorable, the city remains a little windy and the air is chilly; however, the summer months are crowded with the largest footfall in the Bay Area. The autumn is the best time when you can expect a good deal in the hotel prices and the temperatures are perfect with clear skies for having fun in this city.

San Francisco Panoramic View
San Francisco Panoramic Vie

                 Plan your trip with this itinerary: San Francisco itinerary 3 days

Among the things to do in San Francisco, a trip remains largely incomplete without visiting the Napa Valley as you will not only enjoy the scenic landscapes but the best place to relish the wines that are produced in this location. The spot is also ideal for picnics and outing and attracts many travelers during the season. The Golden Gate Bridge is perhaps the most visited spot in the city of San Francisco as tourists do not leave this city without taking a photograph of this suspension bridge. Taking a walk through the sidewalks of this bridge is a compelling option. For an adventurous tour, visiting Alcatraz Island should remain one of the priorities for the tourists as it houses one of the most ill-famed prisons meant for criminals.

San Francisco is a shopper’s paradise for single women travelers as there are plenty of shopping malls, and designer houses, the top clothing brands and fabulous boutiques. Besides this, visiting Haight Street, Chinatown and Chestnut Street are a must. Similarly, the cable car rides are one of the most exceptional ways to view this city and San Francisco has the largest cable car system in the world that is operated with help of manpower. The Bay Area offers wonderful opportunities of hiking, padding and sailing along with bird watching, which is considered as the best activity from this location.

San Francisco tourist attractions should also cover other famous locations such as Legion of Honor, which displays the art collections of Europe, Walt Disney History Museum that features the life of this famous personality and his family or friends. The city of San Francisco remains the visitor’s delight although you need to get a complete travel guide like for getting information about hotel, travel and food for an accomplished trip.


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