Ultimate Things to do in Prague City

Prague is a huge magical city which proudly holds the position as a capital city of Czech republic. It has become one of the most important tourist’s destinations for travelers who love to enjoy weekend gateways. I was fascinated to visit this fairy tale city due to its fantastic scenic charm and its gorgeous architecture. I made a smart plan and visited Prague during the spring when flocks of travelers were absent and I enjoyed my trip. Prague tourist information is necessary when you decide to plan a trip to the stunning city. Let me just share a few of my experiences and the top 10 reasons to visit Prague.

Prague Panoramic View
Prague Panoramic View

Top 10 reasons to visit Prague

Prague events – The annual events that take place at Prague are one of my most memorable one’swhich I experienced. The seasonal events, yearly markets and holiday events are a few of them which must be enjoyed and participated by Prague tourism.

Sip the Best Beer – Being proud of their Lager beer, they offer the best beer in the world. I drank a dark beer at one of the restaurant and was fascinated and longing for another best larger glass of pilsner or Ostravar. The brittle and inspirational taste can be never being found in any of the beer round the globe.

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Getting to the churches – When I went through the city my eyes numbered countless cathedrals, church domes. The specialty of these churches is that they hold up daily concerts and collect funds from tourists.

DOX Centre for Contemporary art, architecture and design – Is positioned in a factory which is 100years old. I was really astounded to grasp the view of the figures of Karel Nepras, and the eccentric display of the workings which was mainly to honor the John Cage who was a composer and a philosopher.

Nightlife at Prague – I enjoyed lovely nightlife at Prague and would suggest travelers to enjoy too.  Jazz clubs with Music which brings out life, busy clubs, up-to-the-minute pubs, and parties filled with Czech beers, was a fanciful experience which I enjoyed.

For Music lovers – The Czech Museum of music is a place where I found plentiful gatherings of instruments and peculiarities. I had a new experience by having a look at the Magical music machine which is equipped with quality features such as music boxes, barrel organs, and quite a lot more devices. The collection also includes the quarter tone grand piano, giraffe, and orphica.

Day trips from Prague – There are countless day trips from Prague and are easily reachable by train. Castles, Medieval towns, are few places, and these day trips added a new dimension to my trip and made it cherish able.

Prague Shopping – My wallet was never enough to fetch designer clothes, souvenirs, puppets, antiques, seasonal ornaments and lots more.

Transportation in Prague –I was extremely pleased to have found the best public transportation in Prague which includes tram, bus and cab for getting round the city for sightseeing.

Prague Travel Budget – Apart from other things when I listed out my expenses it was manageable. Many places to visit in Prague was less expensive had countless free things to do.

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